Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Love Festival : Aidiladha

last monday was hari raya aidiladha or hari raya qurban / korban (both are correct). went to tg karang, a place where u'l find almost every1 is jawanese. me? duno. im portugese persian mix. jk.
well i wud say 'balik kampung' was so interesting. yeah dun expect streamyx or shisha or movie. got paddy fields (is this d correct spelling? i mean sawah padi). so my cousin and i decided to go fishing. plus i planned to take some pics.
frankly speaking, fishing isnt my thing. they said fishing is all bout patience and passion. wtv. but yeah i did enjoy d moment. and we managed to catch ikan keli and ikat puyu. whales? ahh go watch free willy. jk.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Love Island : Pulau Langkawi

went to Pulau Langkawi last two weeks. my close friends, belle together with her friends alya suraya. suraya brought her friends anis danial shida. and shida brought her bf allen. so we didn really know each other. and we were gonna spend 4 days together. what? owh yeah 4 days.
pulau langkawi. was awesome as always. d view. d beaches. d duty free stuffs. d local peeps. d whites. d poyo beach boys. d reggae clubs. owh really love it.
we stayed at tg malie, next to DZON duty free. ahhh next to underwater world (if u dun know where it is). rented a van for 4 days. owh quite cheap. 350 bux. and splitted into 8. around 40 plus each person had to pay. d resort oso was quite cheap. yeah budget hotel. each paid 90 for 4 days. two rooms wit two master bedrooms, tv without astro (ahhh), showeroom wit heater, aircon was damn cold.
everynite we had seafood for dinner. delicious. d only word. but had to pay quite a price. oso went to clubs and bars. d first night, enigma at aseania. emm not bad but not really good. d second nite was sunba. d best. reggae house trance rnb. just name it. d third nite, lily's bar. by d beach. fire actions by the beach boys. really entertaining.
shopping. gaaah what else do u expect. chocs. cigars. beers. wtv. all cheap. everyday i smoked cigars. felt like i was in hawaii something. yeah u can get cigars in kl but d price does matter. wit 2 bucks u can get a big, long flavored cigar. owh yeah.
ahh to many things to tell. u better go there. never regret.

Love Nightlife : From Euphoria To Bar Club

well last weekend right after my langkawi trip, a friend of mine texted me and she was like 'hey topan long time no see lets lepak'. was so tired i replied 'see how la babe'. naah u know hows d feeling after got back from vacation right.
ahhh d invitation to lepak was so tempting, knowing that some of my close friends were joining. so we went to ministry of sound, euphoria at sunway. some of them were realy want to experience d feeling of dancing on d shaking grounds.
there were reno topan raul justin nithi farah sha ain. but since nithi was still underage (his birthday is next month) so we caught into trouble. after a long discussion, we agreed to go to bar club at doraisamy.
later azam kamal and hana joined us. it was a great night out. nothing much happened. just lepak-ing and dancing. should do more often. exercise.